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This site is made for the people who like my work and want to have some more information about me. Here you can download some of my songs. Produce songs or remixes is a hard work. Support the artists, the musicians and also the DJ’s! They all make our life better.


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To produce a good Remix is hard work. It takes many productive hours of once life. If remixing is not a primary job it would be a good reason to make you lose your primary one 😀 It also needs to keep up and invest for apps and hardware. To donate any amount it would be a great help to keep me going. 

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From here you can download some of my remixes in HQ (mp3, flac, etc). Also after the YouTube release at many of my remixes, especially my first ones, I am making changes and better mastering. These songs are always the latests versions. If there is a remix that you like but you can’t find it here contact me to my social channels bellow and I will upload it. These songs are without the voice tag.

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